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Beaverton Schools

Opportunity Knocks


Students are to select a 100 or 200 level college course held at the Rock Creek or Sylvania campus and must take the course for a letter grade (i.e A-F). Students must pass each course to be eligible for another term. In some cases the course will be added to the student's BSD transcript. Once the course has been completed, students must present their PCC transcript to their high school's Registrar to have the course added to their BSD transcript.​​

Opportunity Knocks
  • Students must be a high school junior or senior (at least 16 or older) in the Beaverton School District.

  • Students must be enrolled in at least 4 classes (.5 FTE) at their high school.

  • Opportunity Knocks/ PCC courses may not duplicate subjects already offered at their high school. Only subjects that are unavailable at the students high school will be accepted.

  • The complete PCC 2024 Spring Term Course Catalog is available on February 9, 2024. Registration for Spring Term classes begins February 26, 2024 though the system will open for most students a few days later. Check the PCC When to Register page to determine your exact registration date. 

  • Students who have never taken a class at PCC need to review the New Student Orientation page.




Opportunity Knocks enrollment window

Students MUST complete all 5 steps (below) by March 13, 2024.

The Opportunity Knocks enrollment window for Spring Term 2024 is February 28th  - March 13th.  Students who have registered for a  PCC course can submit their course for approval in Step 5 and receive confirmation of their approval by March 14th.

If you submit your course to Opportunity Knocks and you receive confirmation that your course has been approved, your PCC account will be credited for the amount of tuition for the course you requested before payment is due to PCC on March 18th.  If you have submitted your course request during the Opportunity Knocks enrollment period, PCC will not drop your course.

To sign up for Opportunity Knocks