Opportunity Knocks


​Opportunity Knocks is a program that grants high school juniors and seniors (or students 16 or older)​ in the Beaverton School District the opportunity to take a credit class at Portland Community College. Students may enrich or extend their learning while gaining college experience and college credit. Tuition is paid for by the Beaverton School District and students eligible for free/reduced lunch will have access to the textbook loan service and Trimet passes. 



Students are to select a 100 or 200 level college course held at the Rock Creek or Sylvania campus and must take the course for a letter grade (i.e A-F). Students must pass each course to be eligible for another term. In some cases the course will be added to the student's BSD transcript. Once the course has been completed, students must present their PCC transcript to their high school's Registrar to have the course added to their BSD transcript.​​

  • The complete PCC 2020 WinterTerm Course Catalog is available on 10/25/2019. Registration for Winter Term classes begins November 12, 2019 though the system will open for most students a few days later. Check the PCC When to Register page to determine your exact registration date. 

  • Students who have never taken a class at PCC need to review the New Student Orientation page.

  • THE OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS DEADLINE for Winter Term Enrollment is Friday, December 13, 2019.  You must have applied for admissions at PCC, registered for a class, submitted your permission form(s) before filling out the OK ONLINE FORM. After Friday, 12/13/2019 all complete submissions will go under review to determine eligibility. ​


To sign up for Opportunity Knocks:

  1. Meet with your counselor and have them sign the Permission to Attend PCC Classes Form (only once).
  2. Find a class that matches your interest and works with your schedule, keeping in mind:
  • ​​​​Comparable class must not be already offered at home high school (unless class is full or subject requirement has been met)
  • Student may not drop high school classes in order to participate in Opportunity Knocks.

If you've never applied at PCC, you need to do all or some of the following:

Register for a class:


  • Do this step AFTER you have registered for the PCC class. 

  • Complete OK ONLINE FORM ​AFTER you have registered for the PCC to receive final approval for your course and to have the tuition paid.

  • This online form will open on the first day of the term's registration window. It will not work before then.

  • Do NOT pay for the course out-of-pocket (though you might get some emails from PCC). BSD will not reimburse families for courses paid out-of-pocket.

You will receive an email around 12/18/2019 regarding your course approval. ​ If your course is not approved, you will also be notified. You will be automatically dropped from the course, if payment is not received by Saturday of that week. If you wish to proceed in taking the course, you will need to pay, please only pay out-of-pocket if your parents wish to proceed with your enrollment!


Questions? Contact: Sylvia Juarez at 971-722-7779​