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Beaverton Schools

Accommodations and services

PCC Disability Services uses an interactive process to meet the needs of students who experience disability. Our counselors and specialists meet with students individually to verify eligibility for specific academic adjustments – see the accommodation process page. Examples of accommodations and services available for use by eligible students include but are not limited to the following:

Classroom accommodations

Course material accommodations

Liaison services

  • We offer collaboration and engagement through an interactive process. When students are eligible for liaison services such as consideration for flexibility with attendance, deadlines, or group work, there is an e-form that needs to be signed before requesting accommodations. The language for this e-form can be reviewed in advance. Please reach out to Disability Services with any questions about rights and responsibilities.
  • When requests for consideration of adjustments to course-specific policies [pdf] [pdf] are included on faculty notification letters, Disability Services provides brief agreement forms to assist. These forms document ways flexibility can be put in place on a course by course basis without fundamentally altering or lowering standards. Complete these forms through the online accommodation system and preview the questions.
  • Forms can be completed by students working directly with their instructors, or they can be completed by DS on behalf of students and instructors. Once a form has been completed or modified, email confirmations will be sent to both the student and instructor. DS is available to assist at any point in the process.
  • Statements of support may be discussed and provided as appropriate.
  • We may also provide assistance for students navigating college processes, such as financial aid appeals, academic progress reviews, or student conduct hearings.
  • GED® test accommodations and guidance may be provided for external testing services.

Programmatic accommodations

General services