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How to sign up for classes at PCC

We recommend that you do the following before registering for courses.

1.     Follow the course recommendations from ECHS or your ECHS counselor.

2.     Look at the PCC Schedule to see what courses are available.

3.     Use to review instructor ratings and read reviews. Take these reviews with a grain of salt. Read the reviews and see if the instructor teaches the way you like to learn.  Don't shy away from hard instructors if that is where you will learn the best.

4.     Create a schedule based off of courses you need, instructor reviews, transportation, work schedule (20 hours MAX), and personal interest. Plan on coming to school every day.  Avoid stacking too many course hours back-to-back.  Also avoid extended breaks in between course (longer than 2.5 hours).  Build in breaks in between your courses to use the Learning Resource Center, study, or grab a bite to eat.

5.     Use our Schedule Planner to block off course times. 

6.     Check the date you are eligible to register in your MYPCC account.

7.     Sign up immediately upon your chance to register.  Make sure you have back up options if your first choice is full

If you need help with your MYPCC registration, you can contact Enrollment Services.

For a video about searching for classes and registering, see below. 


Please follow this link to view PCC's directions on how to register for classes.