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Beaverton Schools

College and Career Center

All ECHS Students must complete CG 140 (Career and Life Planning) taught by an ECHS instructor.  CG 140 provides tools and resources for making informed career decisions. CG 140 covers assessing career confidence and readiness, skills, values, interests, personality, barriers, lifestyle, education and approaches to decision making. The course also covers how to research career information. It includes educational decision-making which covers determining a field or program of study, and college or training program.

As a part of CG 140, students will become oriented with other PCC resources to assist them with their college and career goals.


PCC Resources - Career Exploration Centers

CEC can help you:

  • Match your skills and interests to careers
  • Research possible careers 
  • Explore majors and programs of study
  • Find transfer universities that meet your goals 
  • Locate local and national scholarships