Early College High School is an application based program. The 2019-20 Winter admission window will open October 1st  and closes October 30th at 11:59pm.  Winter term applications are only open to Beaverton School District Students.

Steps to Getting Started

Step 1 - Do You Qualify?

  1. You must be 16 years old by the time PCC classes start. Check the PCC calendar for the exact date.​ ECHS cannot make exceptions to the rule.
  2. Students must have a 2.0 GPA.
  3. When classes start, you must be (1) a junior or (2) a senior who will not have sufficient credits be able to graduate on time with their senior class.
  4. You must live within the Beaverton School District attendance boundaries or within a partner district (currently Hillsboro SD).
  5. Check the Timeline for Admission for each term. Given the level of interest in ECHS, application deadlines are not flexible.
  6. Read the Admission FAQ's.

Step 2 - Attend an Open House

Winter Term Open House Schedule:

PCC Rock Creek - October 2nd 5:30 PM, Building 2, Room 124

PCC Rock Creek - October 16th 5:30 PM, Building 2, Room 124

PCC Sylvania - October 9th 5:30 PM, Building TCB, Room 218


Step 3 - Apply to Portland Community College

  1. Access PCC's enrollment webpage ( and apply for admission.
  2. ​When applying bear in mind:
    • When answering "Application Type" select "Credit" and NOT "​PCC High School Dual Credit​"
    • When answering "Admission Term" select the current term (the first term listed on the pull-down and NOT the term when you plan to begin Early College. 
    • Please note that questions about your Citizenship and Social Security Number are asked on the application, but they are optional.
    • You will be asked for your planned course of study. Most students should select "Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT Degree)." Do not select "Undeclared-Not Financial Aid Eligible."
  3. ​A day or two after you apply, you will receive an email from PCC stating that you are admitted to PCC and providing you with your G-Number and your PCC Username. Write both of these down. You will need them at various steps in the process.

Important Note: Admission to PCC is not the same as admission to Early College High School. If you wish to apply for admission to Early College High School, you must follow the remaining steps to complete your application!

The email you receive from PCC will be a form letter email that is sent to all PCC applicants. While you may find the information in the email helpful, the steps listed in the PCC email do not apply​ to Early College High School students. You must follow the remaining steps below to complete your ECHS application.

  • Set-up Your MyPCC Account and Create a Password
    • Using a web browser, go to MyPCC (​). Click on the "First Time User?" link and follow the prompts to create your PCC password.
    • Remember your PCC username and password. You will need them in order to take the placement tests and to receive your placement test results.​
    • After you create your account, you may wish to login to MyPCC and become familiar with the interface. You will use this system to receive your placement test results. If you are admitted to ECHS, you will use this system extensively to manage your college experience.
    • Also, keep in mind that newly admitted PCC students are required to complete an online orientation. PCC will place a hold on your account until the orientation is completed.

Step 4 - Complete the College Placement Tests


  1. Both PCC and ECHS require applicants to take (1) a reading placement test and (2) a math placement test. 
  2. The reading placement test is called ACCUPLACER. PCC uses the results from the reading placement test in order to place students in both reading and writing courses. A sufficient reading placement is required for the majority of PCC classes. In order to qualify for ECHS an applicant must place into Reading 115 (or higher) and Writing 115 (or higher). PCC and ECHS require students to take ACCUPLACER at a PCC Testing Center.
  3. The math placement test is called ALEKS. In order to qualify for ECHS, you must place into Math 60 (or higher). PCC allows students to take the ALEKS test off-site on any computer with an Internet connection. However, Early College High School requires that prospective students take the test at a PCC Testing Center. In order to verify that the ALEKS math placement test was taken at a PCC Testing Center, ECHS must have testing center staff sign the "Onsite Math Testing Verification Form". 
    • Download the "Onsite Math Testing Verification Form". Take this form with you to the testing Center.
    • All PCC campuses require you to pay for parking on weekdays, even on the streets. Parking is free on weekends, though only some PCC Testing Centers are open on the weekends.
    • When you arrive to take the ALEKS math test, let the Testing Center staff know that you are applying to ECHS and give them the Onsite Math Testing Verification Form. Don't forget to take the completed form with you when you leave! Scan the form to a PDF document so that you can upload it with your ECHS application. (The system will also accept a picture (jpg) of the form. If accepted, you will turn the original form in to ECHS at the mandatory Registration Meeting.
    • At the beginning of the ALEKS math placement test, the computer will ask you for your PCC User ID and your PCC Password. It will also ask which math class you plan to take. Most students should select "Math 060". Be aware that ALEKS will test your math abilities to the highest level math class offered at PCC. For that reason don't be discouraged if it seems that you don't know all the answers to questions on the test.​
  4. ​Note that a prospective student may go to a PCC Testing Center on ANY campus. Each testing center has its own schedule. Some require appointments, though most take drop-in's. Be sure to check the PCC Testing Center's webpage for days of operation, times, and appointments.
    1. When visiting the testing center, be sure to bring
    • photo identification (a student ID or Oregon Driver's License/Permit have been accepted in the past), 
    • the Onsite Math Testing Verification Form
    • your PCC G-Number,
    • your PCC User ID, and
    • your PCC Password.
    1. Students can take both tests consecutively or on different days if they prefer. For most students the ACCUPLACER English test typically takes 45 minutes to complete. The ALEKS math test can take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.
  5. ​You can find more information about placement tests and some sample questions and study opportunities at PCC's Placement Test webpage.
    1. It is possible to re-take the placement tests, however, PCC may require a student to complete an online tutorial designed help a student improve their scores before the 2nd attempt.
  6. ​As you complete each placement test, you will be shown your raw numerical score, which you can ignore. Within about an hour, you will receive an email in your MyPCC email account stating your actual placement. Login at and click on the mail icon in the upper right hand corner to read your placement test results.

Step 5 - Obtain a Recommendation

The recommendation is one of the most important factors considered in ECHS admissions!

  1. ​Download the "Recommendation Request Form".
  2. Complete this form and give it to your high school counselor or AVID elective teacher to complete.
  3. Home schooled or applicants not currently enrolled in school may have an adult NOT in the immediate family who is familiar with their educational background complete the recommendation.
  4. Note that the Recommendation Request Form does not need to be turned in to ECHS. It is only used as an aid for the person completing the recommendation.
  5. Give the person completing the recommendation at least 2 weeks advance notice before the application deadline! 
  6. If you provide an accurate email address on the Recommendation Request Form, you will receive an email confirmation when the recommendation is received by ECHS.
  7. An application is not considered complete without a recommendation. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that ECHS receives it in a timely manner.

Step 6 - Application

Below is the recommendation link that Counselors and Avid teachers use to complete a students application.  It is important to enter the students correct PCC G# with this recommendation so that the recommendation will link with the student's application.

Counselor Recommendation