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Beaverton Schools

What We Do

Beaverton Early College High School (ECHS) students are mature enough socially, emotionally and educationally to operate in the adult college setting. Students attend PCC full time, taking regular college courses with other PCC students. Students manage their own schedules and are responsible for their own work. ECHS staff, located on Rock Creek and Sylvania PCC campuses, provide a system of support for the high school students.

Additionally, ECHS students are part of a first year cohort (a group of students that take classes together) and take three courses that are taught by an ECHS instructor:
* CG 101 - College Success and Survival
* CG 102 - College Study Skills
* CG 140 - Career and Life Planning
Once admitted, students confer with the ECHS counselor to choose classes that meet high school graduation requirements and they also develop an individual learning plan. ECHS staff meet regularly with students to develop and update their academic plans. 
A student who is admitted to the program as a junior is limited to two years, or six terms, at PCC and must maintain satisfactory academic progress or a 2.0 GPA.​
Each student receives career guidance and will have the opportunity to explore the numerous course options at PCC. ECHS is a good fit for the student who is looking beyond high school and would like to delve deeper into a career. Students enjoy learning in a college environment where coursework relates directly to their career plans. Students graduating from ECHS, are fully prepared to pursue their post-high school plans.
For more information on applying to ECHS, visit our Admissions​ page.